A Division of Kramer-Wilson Company Insurance Services

Contact Information:
16600 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406
P.O. Box 3999, North Hollywood, CA 91609

Phone: (800) 733 - 0880
Fax: (800) 927 - 7629

Phone: (800) 733 - 1980
Fax: (800) 430 - 4221

Incorporated in 1955, Century-National Insurance Company is admitted in 38 States and writes commercial auto in California, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois.

You may submit any size vehicle and any number of vehicles from 1 to 1,500.

We write most any type of business with the exception of taxis, buses, livery, pizza delivery, towing, couriers and cement mixers. We are a preferred market, but specialize in the engineering of unusual risks. Call us to discuss.

     Internet rating and binding. 15% Commission, new and renewal.

If you would like to become a commercial auto broker for Century-National Insurance Company, click on the pdf link below:


Broker Application Package


We will quickly process your paperwork and notify you when your application has been approved. You will receive a fully-executed copy of our Broker's Agreement and we'll set you up to access our online system. We will provide your staff complete training on our products as needed.

Authorization to quote and bind is pending approval of the application. Signature on the application or contract does not guarantee appointment with Century-National Insurance Company.

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